We hope your experience of Pilgrimage Isle of Man will inspire you to explore some of the many other places and pilgrimage routes which have been enriched by the faith journeys of those who have gone before us.  We aim to build this section of our website into a central point where you can easily find and follow links to other pilgrimage-related websites


A new long-distance footpath and pilgrimage route round Wales

Follow The Cistercian Way here

The British Pilgrimage Trust

The British Pilgrimage Trust is an "umbrella" organisation promoting pilgrimage in Britain

Find all the details here


The Small Pilgrim Places Network

The Small Pilgrim Places Network is a directory of 'breathing places on the pilgrim journey'   

Find your breathing places here


St Cuthbert's Way

St Cuthbert's Way (from Melrose to Holy Island) - one of the most beautiful, varied and enjoyable long-distance walking routes in Britain, and one of Scotland's Great Trails.  Glorious photographs on the website too!   

Start your journey here



A walk through Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk from Manningtree to Brandon.

Much more information here

St Hilda's Way

St Hilda's Way (from Hinderwell to Whitby Abbey)  Saint Hilda was widely renowned for her wisdom; overseeing the Synod of Whitby that united Celtic and Augustinian Christianity in Britain. Pilgrims honour Saint Hilda’s legacy by following this route, visiting eight churches along the way – all dedicated to her.

Full details are here